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Blogs of Life in Burkina Faso

I have been following with intrest the blogs of a few current CUSO-VSO volunteers in Burkina Faso.  Their blogs provide great insight into what we can expect on arrival and the changes and challenges we will face as we adjust to a new country & culture.  I feel very fortunate to have such great resources available to me as I prepare to depart. For anyone interested here are the links to three such blogs:

  • Ève & Simon, a couple of nurses working in the area of HIV/AIDS, along with their three children of 10, 6 & 3 have decided to return to Burkina Faso for a second time after a previous visit in 2005-2006. Their blog, Les Toubabous de Bobo,  has many interesting posts including a recent one with photos of their new home.  They also have an interesting collection of videos posted here.
  • Second up is Gabriel’s blog, Gabriel chez les Burkinabè!?!. A very engaging read, I particularly like his post on arrival, Not yet 72 hours in africa and already along with Day 47 which was on of the first blogs/posts I read about Burkina Faso & I was not sure whether to laugh, cry or be scared after reading it.
  • And the third blog, Michelle au Burkina also has some great posts & photos. La vie ouaga n’est pas facile (Life in Ouaga is not that easy) highlights the daily realities for many Burkinabes and volunteers alike and Hot Hot Hot seems to be a reoccurring sentiment among bloggers for some reason.