Everyday Burkinabé Objects: The ubiquitous plastic teapots.

In West Africa you find these infamous colourful plastic teapots everywhere. Each household, restaurant, workplace and mosque has at least one & usually it’s a collection of these teapots. Given they are constructed in plastic they are obviously not used for making a pot of tea!  Their primary use is for hand-washing.  These teapots are filled with water and carried to the bathroom and used in lieu of toilet paper. They are also always provided by restaurant staff or hosts for cleansing before a meal. Needless to say people usually eat with their hands (actually right hand) here.  It is also not uncommon to see Muslims using these teapots to wash their face, arms and feet before commencing to pray.


One response to “Everyday Burkinabé Objects: The ubiquitous plastic teapots.

  1. Hey, very interesting blog…i ran into it while searching sth on Burkina Faso. I’m from Slovenia, working for slovenian NGO, and we work together with burkinabe organisation Kafuli (www.kafuli.org), they are situated in Bobo Dioulasso – we work on fair trade, foster parenting and last year we started with responsible tourism (offering workshops on cooking, bronze, dolo…) . Maybe sth it would be interesting for you to visit? If so, write me an email, I can give you more info and contacts. Otherwise enjoy your trip in Burkina and looking forwad to more of the blogs!

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