One weekend in early November we were fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Banfora with friends, Stephan & Neusa and their two children Ulysse and Agathe. Banfora is a picturesque town set amongst an expanse of sugar cane fields about 1-1.5 hours away from Bobo-dioulasso. As it’s near the border of the Ivory Coast the region in general is a lot lusher than the majority of Burkina.

Over the weekend we went for a rickety wooden canoe (or pirogue) ride on Lake Tengrela, a lake known for its hippo herd. Unfortunately lake levels were too high (due to it being the end of the rainy season) for us to have any chance of spotting hippos that day.

We also spent a morning at the impressionable Domes of Fabedougou. These bulbous rock formations are thought to be around 1.8 billion years old. Interestingly apparently there is a geographically identical feature in Western Australia, the Bungle Bungle Range which draws thousands of tourists each year (unlike Burkina’s domes).

Photos of our visit to Banfora can be seen here and here.


One response to “Banfora

  1. Louise-Marie, ta mère

    Super! Impressionnant les “rochers”. Pas de montagnes, mais des rochers. MERCI pour ce partage.

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