The same day we visited the village of Koro we made a second stop. This time it was to visit the sacred fish pools of dafra (Bobo for catfish). The sacred pools are located just outside Bobo-dioulassa and are a place where the Bobo people go to worship & provide offernings/sacrifices (chicken, sheep, cow etc) to these overfed looking catfish.

On entering the region a sacrifice needs to be acquired (we opted for a chicken) and local guide engaged. Once we had chosen our chicken & guide we then made our way to the entrance of the sacred pools. The entrance is a half hour walk from the parking area and this scenic walk provided panoramic views of the area and arriving harmattan . Before entering the sacred area you must first remove any red clothing or accessories as apparently the sacred catfish do not like this colour. After arriving the formalities of sacrificing the chicken (something I have to admit I was not able to watch) were needed before we could to offer it up to the catfish. The catfish of course devoured it hungrily as can be seen in Benoits pictures here .

Eve and family also went to visit the weekend after we did and have some great photos posted here as well.


2 responses to “Dafra

  1. Louise-Marie, ta mère

    Bonjour Mélissa et Benoît,

    Très intéressant et moi aussi j’aurais eu difficulté avec le poulet! Intéressant le message de Eve et sa famille. Bon dimanche.

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