One Sunday along with Thales (a VSO volunteer visiting Bobo for the weekend) we went to visit the village of Koro. Koro is a small village of around 3100 inhabitants situated 15km from Bobo-Dioulasso. The village is constructed on a steep stub of granite and as a result provided panoramic views of the surrounding valley. While it was build high for strategic purposes this poses a daily inconvenience to the villagers. Their water supply is situated at the bottom and is retrieved by a constant stream of women carrying large containers of water (on their heads nonetheless) up the steep path to the village.

The village is divided into three distinct parts, “le quartier des paysans”, “le quartier des forgerons” and “le quartier des Dioula”. The first two, the farmer’s district and the ironmonger’s district are inhabited by members of the Bobo ethnicity, one of Burkina Faso’s animistic ethnicities. The third is home to a number of members from another one of Burkina’s 60 odd ethnicities, the Dioula. Traditionally known as traders or merchants the dioula are usually either Muslim or Catholic.

Some of Benoit’s pictures of Koro can be seen here and mine here


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