I have been working for a few weeks now, here in Burkina Faso. For those that do not know, I am working at an HIV screening clinic where they also offer pre- & post- test counselling and general HIV information. This is a completely new domain for me having worked in software development for companies primarily in the telecommunications & disk backup industry’s over the last few years. I therefore decided to spend the first couple of weeks doing some background reading in an attempt to gain at least an elementary understanding of the field.

However, thankfully my mandate is IT related. To date my main tasks are to create a website for the clinic and to develop a database for their client information. Additionally, I need to train staff on how to use and administer both the website and database (this is, obviously, after I have finished giving basic computer skills training). Last week I started a prototype website for them using google sites

I decided to use google sites as:

  • I am firstly hoping its one of the more straightforward and cheaper website authoring tools/hosting service out there,
  • and secondly I am hoping therefore I should be able to pass over its administration relatively easily to someone with minimal computer literacy skills.

For anyone interested in the clinic, the first draft is here .

p.s. if anyone has other suggestions for tools other than google sites as I am not a web developer nor particularly up with all the latest web technologies/trends please let me know, all suggestions/help is very welcome.


4 responses to “Work

  1. Hey Melissa,

    I’m a potential CUSO-VSO volunteer (still in the early stages) and checked out the website you developed. It looks really good. There’s so much “free” web stuff out there but google is always a solid choice.

    Will the DB you’ll be developing be standalone or somehow linked into the website?

    good luck!

    • Hey Janeen, thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it! The DB will be standalone, at this stage I am thinking of using a MySQL/PHP combo for it. Good luck with the CUSO-VSO process & feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all – I would be happy to respond

  2. Happy Birthday to you. Have a nice day with friends and BENOIT. I offer you a day full of joy. I appreciate your Burkina blog. Je suis un peu avec vous deux dans le partage de ce grand voyage. MERCI de partager ces moments. Have a nice day.

  3. Bonjour toi,

    C’est a tout tour de te laisser parler d’amour!…

    Bonne fete Melissa!…On pense souvent a vous deux!…

    Therese et Don

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