First week in Bobo

Arriving in Bobo for the second time we were feeling quite helpless, it’s no easy feat to do anything in this country at first when you do not know how things function. Helen (one of the VSO volunteers in Bobo since April) had kindly agreed to meet us at the bus station and arrange transport to our new home. She was an invaluable resource being thoughtful enough to have also:

  • brought us a food/emergency package for the next day’s breakfast & lunch (as it was Sunday evening when we arrived and we had no means to obtain supplies ourselves),
  • found a great restaurant for us to dine at for supper on the first evening,
  • cooked us all supper the second night as we had no gas nor food to do so ourselves,
  • and also kindly loaned us her kettle as due to a country-wide gas shortage we had no gas for our cooker. However, we are fortunate enough to have enough electrical current running through our place to use a kettle (to my surprise I discovered that this is not very common and most people here, like Helen, do not have enough electrical current to even boil a jug ). With the kettle we were able to make tea & coffee as well as couscous until we got gas a week later,
  • additionally, over the week she (along with all the other volunteers already here) responded to our many questions about many things.

Our house (photos coming soon) is large. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom, living/dinning area, kitchen and large balcony. It is situated on a large & somewhat barren section. At this stage the place is temporary as we will probably be moving sometime during the next couple of months. The house is situated on what turns out to be a very busy/lively street – it reminds me more of St Denis or Avenue Mont Royal (rather than St-Catehrine as Benoit does) in Montreal.

The first week was pretty tranquil and actually we spent a number of afternoon’s poolside at the  Club Muraz (a little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city) relaxing and trying to escape the heat. Which, admittedly is not too unbearable at the moment and while we find it hot many of the Burkinabe’s are feeling the cold …

Aside from being poolside our time was occupied in the following manner:

  • Meeting the partners – Ousmane introduced myself, Sabrina and Benoit as a group to each of our respective VSO partners with whom we will work with.
  • Opening  bank accounts – we opened accounts at the EcoBank and this was a relatively painless, straightforward & fast process (I think I have spent too much time in Quebec …) However, actually to make a withdrawal while not complicated has definitely not been fast to date. Taking at least an hour and a half each time (I think I will try to pick better times to go in the future).
  • Purchasing items for the house – VSO furnished our houses with all the big items like, beds, table & chairs, lounge suite, fridge and gas cooker etc but we were responsible for finding the smaller things like linen and cooking equipment.
  • Organising/coordinating house reparations – the house was not in 100% working order (by western standards I have to admit as it’s no doubt in fine repair by local standards) when we arrived and we needed minor electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs.

5 responses to “First week in Bobo

  1. Lullabies for little criminals, Heather O’Neil

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  3. Sounds like you’re starting to get settled in. You’re lucky to have someone like Helen help you out.

    Btw, I’ve finished The Handmaid’s Tale and storywise I was very disappointed. We didn’t even get to find out what happened to the main character!

    Donna and I’ve just spend a few days in Noosa without the kids. We felt a bit guilty leaving them with Donna’s mum but the break was very therapeutic. Started reading ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ while on holiday and should finish it tonight. I’ve really enjoying it and should finish it tonight. The movie has just opened here so I’ll be very keen to see that too.

    • Noosa without the kids, that would have been a different holiday than you are used too – I hope you guys had a fantastic relaxing time! I will add ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ to my list of books to read too then thanks 🙂

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