Photos: Week One

A few photos from the first week in Ouagadougou.

The hotel in Ouagadougou - Le Village Nong Taaba



Resturant & dining area

Barbed wire Burkina Faso style (this was on the walls around the hotel)

The new volunteers - Bertrand, Sabrina, Thales, Laure, Isabelle, Arnel, Togba, Leo, Marco, Benoit & moi

Breakfast time on the last day in Ouaga (Benoit, Marco, Leo, Leo's minder for the week, Sabrina, Thales, Laure, Isabel & Arnel)

The street in front of the hotel & VSO Office


4 responses to “Photos: Week One

  1. Wow. It sure makes it real when you post pics! I can imagine it will be a difficult time to get used to it, but you guys will be great there! It’s so interesting to see it vicariously! Bonne chance a tous les choses que vous faites! Encore, nous sommes tres fiers de vous deux 🙂

  2. Great photos Melissa! I hope you’ve been working out your neck muscles in the gym so you can carry your shopping home on your head 🙂

    ps – If you resize your photos to something like 800 x 600 pixels before you upload them, it will be a lot quicker.

  3. Love the photos. The “barbed wire” photo reminds me of the walls we saw in Mexico when Michelle was studying there.

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