All CUSO-VSO’s Burkina Faso volunteers are provided housing with a minimum of the following:

  • bed with mattress,
  • small study table,
  • two-seater sofa and chairs,
  • dining table and chairs,
  • pantry,
  • dresser,
  • mosquito net,
  • three burner gas stove & 12kg gas bottle,
  • water filter.

Notice washing machine, microwave, dishwasher & AC are not on the list ….

The original french version from the country briefing document:

Enfin pour votre logement sachez que vous y trouverez le minimum requis pour votre
bien être :

  • Un lit avec matelas
  • Petite table d’étude
  • Deux fauteuils et un canapé de deux places
  • Une table à manger et deux chaises
  • Un garde mangé
  • Une armoire à linges
  • Une moustiquaire
  • Une cuisinière trois foyer à gaz avec une bouteille de 12 kg
  • Un réfrigérateur
  • Un filtre à eau

2 responses to “Housing

  1. Michelle in Burkina Faso

    Hello Melissa – a little correction no rechargeable lamp, a 3 burner stove and yes you do get a fridge and an allowance to buy some dishes and water bassins etc… it would be good to bring your own sheets and pillows

    • Many thanks for that extra information Michelle, I am more than happy to hear there will be a fridge! I can easily do without many of the luxuries I have now but I was thinking a fridge would be one of the bigger challenges to make do without. I think I will definitely bring sheets & pillows (baggage allowance permitting) as I hear its difficult to find both over there. Please feel free to make any further suggestions on what to bring (or not to bring) if you think of anything, as all advice is very welcome.
      Kind regards, Melissa

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