Skills for Working in Development (SKWID)

“Skills for working in development” was the second four-day training courses at CUSO-VSO Canada’s training centre in Ottawa. A brief description of the course as described by CUSO-VSO,

This course introduces practical skills and attitudes volunteers will need to implement CUSO-VSO’s approach to development during their placements. Through an experiential learning approach that integrates action, theory, reflection and planning, volunteers design participatory tools and practice facilitation skills to work effectively with the multiple stakeholders in their placement.

Yet again, as I found with the PFC course, we had an interesting and talented mixture of volunteers from all over North America. Two of the participants, Beth and Jeremy had been through the PFC training with me the month before and it was nice to see a couple of familiar friendly faces on the first morning of the course.

SKWID Group (& where they are destined with CUSO-VSO)
top row: Edna Pugeda (Kilifi, Kenya), Ricky Varghese (Kisumu, Kenya), Alex Tremeau (Nigeria), Maria Basualdo (La Pez, Bolivia), Marie-France Chartier (Guiruidig, Cameroon), me, Benoit Demers (Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso), Nigiua Malikova (China), Darren C. Brown (Facilitator) & Lori-Anne (Cameroon)
bottom row: Joanne Fraser (Facilitator), Jeremy Gove (Ghana),
Eloise Girard (Indonesia), Marike Kuchta (Nyamasati, Tanzania), Ariel Bleth (Kalanchan, Nigeria), Tanya Gallmann (Tanzania) & Beth Campbell (Ulaanbataar, Mongolia)

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