Preparing for Change Course (PFC)

“Preparing for change” was the first of the four-day training courses in Ottawa for outgoing volunteers. A brief description of the course as described by CUSO-VSO,

The course explores issues related to personal preparation, health and security, the role of values and behaviours in intercultural settings, the broader development context, CUSO-VSO’s approach to development, and ways that individuals can involve their family, friends and communities in their overseas experience.

I attended this course with a group of extremely talented individuals from all over North America. The group consisted of a very diverse array of backgrounds, knowledge & experiences – which all made for an interesting weekend. I think my weekend’s highlight was having the opportunity to met like-minded people about to go through similar things to over the next year or two.

PFC Group
top row: Mike Heptinstall(course facilitater), Jeremy Gove, Antonio Solano, Andres Castro, Keith Williams, Sharon Ladin, Karin Rennert, Christina Marriott, John Madzingo & Rohan William  middle row: Sharon Haxton, Rebecca Kennedy & me bottom row: Gurmeet Kubicek, Stephanie Louis-Charles, Michael Orock, Maggie, Rong Zhang, Beth Campbell & Cath Moffatt(course facilitater)

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