The organization with whom I will be traveling to Burkina Faso is CUSO-VSO (the result of the merger of the Canadian University Service Overseas and Voluntary Service Overseas Canada in 2008). CUSO-VSO is the North American member of VSO International, a worldwide federation of Voluntary Service Organizations based in the UK, the Netherlands, Kenya, the Philippines and Canada.

Where they work

CUSO-VSO sends volunteers to 40 countries throughout Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Bangladesh Ghana Mozambique South Africa
Bolivia Guyana Namibia Sri Lanka
Bosnia & Herzegovina Honduras Nepal Tajikistan
Cambodia India Nigeria Tanzania
Cameroon Indonesia Pakistan Thailand–Burma
China Kenya Papua New Guinea Uganda
El Salvador Laos Peru Vanuatu
Eritrea Macedonia Philippines Zambia
Ethiopia Malawi Rwanda Zimbabwe
The Gambia Mongolia Sierra Leone

What they do

CUSO-VSO works on six development goals:

Each country office selects only two or three of these development goals to focus on at a time. For example, in Burkina Faso they are currently focusing on HIV/AIDS, health and participation & governance.


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  1. I’m very excited about your trip. I’m glad you have started this website

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